Best online casino promotions

In fact, the best online casino promotions have content very close to one on almost every site. Below we have compiled the best casino bonus promotions that we have covered as part of the 2021 best casino bonus campaigns for you. Although the bonus rates of the sites are different, their content is the same.

Best online casino promotions

Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus, which comes up with different names, is a must-have of casino bonuses. They are issued in order to encourage members to upload balances to their accounts on the site, and they are given free bonuses up to the amount of money deposited, sometimes even 2-3 times as much. Some sites make this bonus permanent. Some of them apply only once. You need to play the bonus you receive in the game groups determined by the site, on the prescribed floors and convert it into cash. In addition, there is one thing that you should not forget; some sites are only able to give this bonus in exchange for transactions with certain payment methods.

No deposit Bonus

Some live betting sites and casino sites provide this bonus only for members. So you don’t need to make a deposit. It can usually be given as Free Spins and you can use it in the slot games determined by the site. Of course, this bonus also has some cycle conditions. Bonuses without a deposit are usually not converted into cash. It is used within the site.

2022 best online casino promotions

Let’s keep listing the best online casino promotions. These bonus campaigns are also among the most popular.

Best online casino promotions
Best online casino promotions

Refer a friend bonus

It is a classic bonus type that is available on all gambling sites. Recommend the site to your friend, let your friend become a member of the site and upload a balance to his account. Get a certain amount of bonuses from each installation process. This is the logic of the operation of this bonus. Some sites can give bonuses to both you and your friend. Some of them give a Free Spins prize. Remember that advice alone should be done through the site. Otherwise, it can be considered invalid.

Percentage Bonus

You will receive a bonus as a percentage of the amount of money you have invested. For example, when you make a deposit of 200 TL, if the bonus amount is set at 200%, you will receive a bonus of 600 TL. The amount of the bonus may vary depending on the amount of money invested. The cycle conditions of these bonuses may be one click more difficult than other bonuses.

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